People like you take improv classes

An 8-week class with easylaughs is a physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual workout.
  • push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • surprise yourself, at least twice, by what you're capable of
  • hone your presentation skills
  • feel embarassed and self-conscious, then get over it
  • begin to notice your patterns, triggers and default responses
  • improve your posture
  • improve your voice
  • align your voice with your posture
  • perform live in front of a real audience on the easylaughs main stage
  • feel pretty cool that you did it
And yes, you'll have fun too :)
PLUS all students get free entry to all easylaughs shows while their class is running - so that's your Fridays sorted as well!
Most students who take a level 1 class go on to sign up for level 2. Just sayin'...
What did you like about the class?
  • "Luke, you are a great and inspiring teacher! I love how you capture the essence of every scene and reflect on it, especially by playing it out in other ways to make your point. Thanks a lot!"

  • "The post-show high is better than sex, drugs and more contemporary than rock and roll. And I have tried all three at least once."

  • "Peter holds a great amount of knowledge about this subject I believe and he could always bring up some brilliant example or way to deal with the situation to improve us / make us have more fun. So only good things to mention about him."

  • "It was fun, varied and always interesting. It was challenging without being intimidating and I felt that each week we were all getting better."

  • "...the classes were good because they taught me to sometimes let go, and not always be in control, and not fear that. Which was actually a pretty big thing to discover and learn."

  • "All of it. Its absolutely great. I would take level 1s classes forever. "

  • "It helped me gain skills that are useful on stage but also in my everyday life. And Ben is awesome!"

  • "I think it's great that the students get to watch the Crea shows for free, get involved in Powerball and perform a graduation show. I am now hooked on improv. The only downside is that "normal" life seems a bit dull!"

  • "I always felt alive when going home after the class -- even if I came there following a long day at work."

  • "Nicole is a very good teacher... She's clear in her feedback and I feel I learned a lot in this course. She's very stimulating."



  • Advanced Class: The Play
    Jun 30 (Started)
    This course will be based on the improv format "The Play". Students will cover basics of scene/play structure and different directing techniques. There will be a strong emphasis on development of characters for all roles in the format. The course will cover all elements of the format from the first "table read" to the final opening night production. The class will finish with a show in which the students will perform their very own "The Play."
    Day and time:
    Saturday 13:00-17:00
    Jun 30 - Jul 21 (4 weeks)
    Show date:
    Friday Jul 27

    Unfortunately, this class is FULL, but there is a waiting list, so please contact us if you'd like to be put on that list.

Good to know:

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing if possible. Trainers are best, high-heels are not appropriate.

Many students bring a bottle of water to sip during class.

Your reservation is not secured until you've made your payment. Once you've made a reservation please pay by bank transfer to secure your spot.