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15 years

We've come a long way...

easylaughs began in 2005, making stuff up on the spot, inspired by suggestions from the audience.
It started with a group called Problem Solved, performing the first Friday of each month in a small theatre, De Cameleon, on the edge of town. We wanted to move to a weekly show so we booked a series of Friday nights as a trial at the Crea Cafe. And we've been with Crea ever since. When they moved to their cool new space in the East we moved with them, performing every Friday night from September till June each year. For 15 years.

We're proud of how far we've come. It feels like we're all grown-up now.

In a nutshell...


New formats, epic stories, tall tales, guest teams, student groups, lots of laughs. Begin and end your evening with a drink in the awesome Crea Cafe - the best place to be on a Friday.
Shows every Friday from 8pm.


If you've always wanted to try improvisation but never quite got round to it then the Sunday workshops are for you. No experience needed, just 10EUR and a glad heart.
Workshops every Sunday from 12pm (Saturdays at 2pm during months of July and August)


Dive in feet first and sign up for an 8-week class, ending with a show on the easylaughs main stage. The classes rock. Don't take our word for it, ask anyone who's taken a class :)
Classes all year round


I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.

- Woody Allen


easylaughs workshops

Every Sunday at 12pm easylaughs runs drop-in workshops in improvisation. You don't need to reserve in advance, just turn up at Crea with a €10 note and get ready to jump in and have fun.

You'll receive a warm and friendly welcome from the community of improv-lovers here. Most people grab a bite to eat or a drink afterwards and enjoy the relaxed vibe of the Crea Cafe. Then they come back the following Sunday...

Sunday 12:00



Say YES, and you'll figure it out later...

- Tina Fey


easylaughs classes

Sign up for an 8-week class and really get your improv moving. You'll progress far more rapidly than with the casual workshops, following a structured programme leading to a class show on the easylaughs main stage. Invite your friends to your class performance and make it a night to remember.

PLUS all students get free entry to easylaughs shows for the duration of their class, so you can immerse yourself in as much improv as you could ever want.

What are you waiting for?

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12 years
corporate training

Improvisation skills extend far beyond ways of having fun on a Sunday afternoon, or thinking of unusual uses for a spatula. Improvisers learn the arts of honest and open communication, active listening and a mastery of their own emotions. Understanding the power of presentation, story-telling, voice control and physicality helps improvisers to become better people.

Easylaughs has partnered with dozens of companies, large and small, to help teams with their personal and professional development. We can do the same for your company too.

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easylaughs news

We like to keep people updated on what we're up to. Every 2-4 weeks a newsletter with all the stuff you need to know, plus advance notice of special events and chances to win free tickets!