What can we do for you?

The long answer to that would be that depends on your company, your culture and your goals. You're not buying a pedal-bin.
But here's a few values we've discovered to hold true for us. Among the many skills improvisers develop, these are ones which we've found are most useful to companies (of any size):

Don't Stop

There's no need, you're doing fine. Don't judge yourself.

Accept and Embrace Failure

In improvisation there are no mistakes. In fact, "mistakes" are often where the magic can be found.

Think Freely

By removing the obstacles to free thought, mainly our own inner voice and judgement, we notice that even under pressure we can always trust our brain to think of something. Players tap into a flow of creativity that they weren't even aware they had.

Communicate Openly

Improv exercises encourage players to build clear and strong connections with their team-mates. These connections carry through into daily life at the office. Teams are better when members communicate openly.


Our background is in theatre, where performers need to learn voice control, physicality and breathing. We always start with a physical work-out, which everyone can benefit from, especially when so much of people's time is spent sitting at desks.

Lighten Up

There's usually a lot of laughter in an improv class. People leave feeling happy, about themselves and their colleagues. There's nothing wrong with the occasional smile :)

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